There is no greater love than His, He who gave up His life for you

(60″ x 50″) Oil on Canvas, 2013

The pain and anguish of Mary must have been unmatched. I imagine that when they pierced the side of her Son, she remembered the words of Simeon when he said that a sword would pierce her very soul.

Such a raw picture: soldiers spitting and humiliating her Son that it seemed only yesterday she held in her arms; the priests discussing the sign that Pontius Pilate had written identifying Christ as the King of the Jews while the Pharisees smiled happily to have succeeded at last by hanging on the cross that miracle maker.

Full of grace, she must have truly been full of grace to be standing at the cross and witness all the cruelty and wickedness that we men are capable of… only grace. The grace of a holy God, a good God must have been holding her. To witness the voluntary death of her sinless Son so that people like you and me could be reconciled with the Father, should have not been easy by any stretch of the imagination.

God gave her exactly what she needed to accompany the Savior, her Son, in silence until the last moment. And even there, amid so much suffering, there is no greater love than His… He who gave up His life for you.

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