Plucking Time

(40″ x 58″) Oil on Canvas, 2013

When I finished reading, I finally understood:

He was right; There is nothing new under the sun, everything is vanity of vanities, time is taking off slowly and no one, no matter how much he fights, can make it come back.

I understood that although it seems easier to navigate with the current and let the world mold you than walking with the label on the front of “crazy, weird, misfit”, it is preferable to be a “labeling” than to allow thousands of blind people controling what you think, what you believe, what you see, what you wear, how you live, to whom you turn!

For a moment I was really aware that the only thing certain is death. And at that moment I decided; I decided that if the inevitable event was to come, I would make it worth living!

And if I was to suffer, I would suffer in His bosom; And if I was to weep, I would do it with feeling; And if I ventured to dream, I would finish my dreams; And if I decide to speak,

It would take courage and break the silence; And if I would be silent, I would leave my regrets; And when painting, I would paint what I want.

I would put God in the equation of my life since He has been, and will be, the sum of many events and without Him, the result would be vain, petty, greedy. It would surely be a much more selfish life than it has been in itself all these years.

I would live fighting, I would live enjoying, I would live

aware that there is no one who can stop time, nor who rewinds it, because it is being plucked…

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